Whether your financial situation is going smooth or poorly, Hernandez Law and Realty will be there for your family’s legal needs. Specializing in legal matters that involve personal finance and real estate, we know that you have to trust your legal team. That’s why our attorneys and staff go out of their way to make all clients feel comfortable and supported. Whether you’re visiting us for debt problems, the creation of a Will or Trust, going through a divorce, or planning the sale of your home, our law firm is committed to providing outstanding, affordable legal services.


When you visit Hernandez Law and Realty, expect a hot cup of coffee brewing, a genuine smile from our staff members, and a homey environment. At our office, you’ll meet friendly staff and attorneys with personality and a sense of humor. We understand that the practice of law is a customer service industry.
At Hernandez Law and Realty, you are not a case number or a dollar sign – you are a valued member of our legal family.

All of our attorneys are consummate professionals with years of experience in their designated practice areas. When you hire our attorneys, you work with the best and brightest in their area of expertise. Our attorneys and staff view the practice of law as a collaborative effort between the law firm and the client.
Our goal is to form lasting relationships between clients and attorneys. We do that by achieving
excellent results and charging fair prices. We want to be your legal counsel not just for one case, but for a lifetime.

Who We Are
A Personal Touch

Clients always seem surprised when Kristy personally walks out to greet them with a big smile and an offer of donuts or coffee. But her reputation as one of the best financial attorneys in the area isn’t just based on her genuinely warm personality. With more than 15 years experience in financial law and real estate, and her management of thousands of cases, Kristy is widely recognized as an expert in her field. Her down to earth personality allows her to take highly complex legal ideas and explain them so that anyone can understand. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, struggling with debt, or planning the financial future of your family, Kristy can offer helpful advice and solutions at an affordable cost. You’ll be blown away by her knowledge and creative thinking. Plus, your consult with Kristy is just as likely to end with a hug as it is with a handshake. Seriously, you’ll love her.

Managing Attorney



Enessa is simply the best money management paralegal in the Sacramento region. She’s worked at some of the largest debt firms in the area and chose Hernandez Law and Realty to call home. Enessa works with clients to assemble the documents they need to have outstanding bankruptcy and probate cases. In her more than 10 years of experience, Enessa has navigated thousands of cases. There’s no asset or repayment plan too big or complicated for Enessa to manage. Like all of our staff, Enessa is multi-talented. Her background working as a former loan officer gives her a unique attention to detail and understanding of how to qualify clients for complex financial cases. While other firms are constantly trying to steal her away, we plan on keeping her as part of our firm family for many years to come. You’ll find Enessa to be knowledgeable, courtesy and professional at every turn.




Cat is the longest serving employee of Hernandez Law and Realty and a seasoned professional. At a firm where we’re constantly assisting clients with real estate matters, Cat is a client’s dream come true. Cat has been a licensed realtor in two states and is a certified distressed property expert. She’s assisted the firms’ clients in countless private and public real estate sales for homes at all price points. Cat is also a phenomenal certified paralegal with more than 10 years of legal experience. That pairing of law and real estate savvy makes Cat a unique asset to our clients and firm. And, nope, Cat and Kristy are NOT related.
We don’t recognize nepotism here. Cat earned this job because she’s brilliant, hilarious, and outstanding at what she does.

Paralegal and On-Staff Realtor


College educated, warm and friendly, Mia is the newest addition to our law firm family. Mia is a master organizer that skillfully manages the in-office appointment calendar for all staff while also
maintaining the appearance calendar for all scheduled court hearings. Considering our attorneys appear regularly in six local county courts and the federal court, Mia’s job is no small task! Mia works with clients to make sure that they regularly have access to the paralegals and attorney assigned to their case. She’ll also greet you with a smile when you walk into the office, make you a cup of tea, and show your kids around our office “Kid’s Corner” play area if you bring them to your appointment.

Office Manager


Deagan has a strong intellectual curiosity that serves him well as a law clerk. In this position, Daegan acts as a research assistant to all the paralegals and attorneys on staff, so he has his hands in every type of case the law firm handles. Whether he’s computing a client’s bankruptcy eligibility or hunting down complex legal information, Daegan is proficient at all things research-related. In addition to being our resident book-worm brainiac,  Daegan is a competent musician and music lover, spending his free time honing his craft.

Law Clerk