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Our Practices

Analysing the numbers for your wills and trusts


Help your heirs avoid expensive court and attorney costs by doing some affordable planning now. Our office drafts affordable Wills and Trusts for people with of all income levels. Learn about the difference between a Will and Trust and which one is right for your family.

Business Meeting abouttrust administration


When a loved one dies and you have to manage their estate, it can be hard to know what to do. From simple logistics like how many death certificate copies you’ll need, to filing probate Petitions with the court, let our supportive, friendly staff help you navigate this difficult time.

Aerial View of a Beautiful Real Estate Property


From selling your home to a simple change of name on your deed, if you own real estate, you’ve found the right law firm. Our office handles private and MLS home sales at affordable rates. Our experienced attorney/broker and realtor team can list your property, negotiate

your deal, review your contracts, and manage your listing for the same cost as a less experienced traditional real estate office.

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Need help finding the perfect tenant or getting rid of a bad one? Our law firm works to ensure that your investment profits are optimized. From simple rent collection to full service management, we offer a wide range of options for landlords. And if you use our firm to sell your house, we'll handle the removal of tenants for free. Call us to learn more.

Thin Ring on Finger leading to divorce


Imagine a divorce where you never step foot inside a court. An uncontested divorce is where spouses agree to the terms of their divorce on paperwork drawn up by a lawyer. It’s dramatically cheaper than traditional divorce, and much less stressful than drawn out litigation.

Pens and coins for Bankruptcy relief


The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to last the rest of your life. Come learn about the different ways to get out of debt: repayment plans, debt settlement, and bankruptcy are all in our wheelhouse. We'll explain the credit and tax impact of each option, and help you make the best choice for your situation.

Moving Boxes after foreclosure


You’ve found a law firm that has stopped or postponed thousands of foreclosure sales. Whether the foreclosure is being done by your lender, the HOA, or a tax agency, we can help. Learn about the foreclosure timeline and your options to prevent someone from taking your home.

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